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The Messenger of Slovenian Shores

I.GRUDEN-v nabrezinskem BreguGenre: Documentary Film
Duration: 46 minYear: 2008
Screenplay: Prof. Dr. Tatjana Rojc, Jurij Gruden
Director: Jurij GrudenFeaturing: Marija Gruden, Primož Gruden, Nataša Gruden, Boris Pahor, Miroslav Košuta, Dr. Anton Vratuša, Herman Janež, Prof. Dr. Božidar Jezernik, Prof. Dr. Janez Vrečko…Links:






It has been over a hundred years since Igo Gruden’s birth. In 2008 was the 60th anniversary of his death. A lot has changed in his home village of Nabrežina and in the world, but what hasn’t changed are the basic feelings of Slovenians living in this exposed part of our nation’s territory. That is why Gruden’s poetry still talks to the reader of today. His love poems no longer seem provocative; his poems expressing the pain and horror of the Second World War are still relevant.



Screenplay: Prof. Dr. Tatjana Rojc, Jurij Gruden
Director: Jurij Gruden
Director of Photography: Janez Kališnik
Editor: Zvone Judež
Sound Recordist: Brane Atanaskovič
Sound Designer: Robert Sršen
Composer: Marko Feri
Producer: Franci Zajc


Marija Gruden,
Primož Gruden,
Nataša Gruden,
Boris Pahor,
Miroslav Košuta,
dr. Anton Vratuša,
Herman Janež,
red. prof. dr. Božidar Jezernik,
red. prof. dr. Janez Vrečko.

Jurij Gruden

Born in 1975 in Trieste. In 1996 he entered the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television; film and television direction. During his studies, he shoot short documentary Images of the City (1998), followed by short feature films You Need to Love Somebody (2001) and Moving Away (2002). Besides feature and documentary films, he also shoot television dramas Triangle (2001), Waiting (2003) (Babič Award for Short Student TV Drama), and Enco, Thank You! (2003).
Writer and director of the full-length documentary film Edi Šelhaus »I Was There«, his first major project (2007) and co-writer and director of documentary film The Messenger of Slovenian Shores (2008).


RTV Slovenia
Kinoatelje Gorica

Technical services

Film studio Viba Film


RTV Slovenia
RAI, Slovenian regional program office for RAI Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Technical data

Format: Betacam PAL, 16:9 color.

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